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Here are a few topics to consider:

Is rhythmical massage an option for me?

Here is what we will need to discuss:

Rhythmical Massage can benefit a variety of chronic and acute conditions; physical, emotional and spiritual.

For the therapist to have a living picture of your current and past medical history;
health and life situation, perceived aims for this therapy;
and to determine:

whether one or more Rhythmical Massage sessions might be valuable in achieving the results you desire,
or whether you need to be referred to an Anthroposophical Medical Doctor to properly remedy your condition,

an initial, approximately half-hour consultation is necessary.

All questions and financial considerations will be discussed at that time.

Rhythmical Massage Therapist  is not currently available.

You can usually contact a Rhythmical Massage Therapist  via Telephone or Via Fax at 303 632-7878 or by means of E-mail to discuss setting a consultation appointment.

Here is a little more background on Rhythmical Massage:

Rhythmical Massage Therapy is one of the more passive forms of Anthroposophical therapies requiring little more from the patient than the possibility to relax. It helps the body regain its equilibrium. Healing comes mainly out of the direct response to what is given through the practitioner in restoring harmony within the body. The impulses worked through in rhythmical massage can then be picked up and worked on at a more conscious level through the other Anthroposophical therapies. The therapist's insights into the nature of the disease process lend direction to the required healing process.

The Concept of Rhythm:
Rhythm develops out of the interposition of two opposing forces, that of rest and motion. It is a free entity, allowing for a multitude of varying expressions and development following an inherent lawfulness.

There are two distortions of rhythm:
Beat – a repetition of the same with no connection and development from one to the next;
Discord – a chaotic jumble where all comes together in an undisciplined entanglement.

How does Rhythmical Massage work?
Rhythmical Massage aims to re-establish balance within the body through the aid of rhythm. This requires the sensitive perception of the therapist to ‘tune in’ to the body and soul/spirit qualities of the individual and adjust the massage grips and emphasis of the massage in accord with what they experience through their hands.

The massage grips have a three stage emphasis, any of which can be altered to give a different quality to the massage. The tissues are first taken up in an active conscious dynamic of consolidation, which is binding in form. This is then lifted up into levity through a sucking quality expressed through the palm and fingers. A gentle controlled release of the tissue follows with a momentary pause before the activation of the next grip. This helps mediate the passing of differentiated fluids and forces between the different tissues of the body. The enlivening of the circulation is also supported through this three stage pulsating dynamic. The touch is light but deeply penetrating. Rhythmical flowing and lemniscates (figure 8) forms are used to reconnect diseased parts of the body with the whole.

Rhythm as the mediator between cosmic and earthly forces:
The centre for rhythmic activity in Man is the thoracic cavity, housing the heart and lung. In the resting healthy individual the breath to pulse relationship is 4:1. Within the thoracic cavity we experience our soul life of feeling. Powerful emotions always have an effect on our breathing and our pulse and are based on an expression of sympathy or antipathy – opening up to the world or closing off from the world. If we have the centre of rhythmic activity in the thoracic cavity then we divide the body into three functioning parts: the head, the thoracic and the abdominal cavity, to which we must also add the limbs. This rhythm of breath and pulse, therefore, is always trying to synchronize and harmonize between the forces that flow down from our conscious soul life of thinking and perceiving in the head via the central nervous system wishing to slow down and inhibit movement and the forces that flow up from the metabolism and unconscious soul life of will in the blood that is full of life, warmth and movement.

The above background information is from Camphill Wellbeing Trust, CMP Charity - No. SCO16291, St Johns, Murtle Estate, Bieldside, Aberdeen, AB15 9EP.  See the link on the Resources Page.

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