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Berufsverband Rhythmische Massage nach Dr. med. Ita Wegman e.V., Boll, Germany (Originally Issued June 21, 1994)

Current since 1994 Certificate of Membership in Dr. Ita Wegman Rhythmical Massage Professional Organization, Boll, Germany


Rhythmische Massage  nach Dr. med. Ita Wegman e.V., Filderstadt, Germany (Issued 2011)

 Certificate of Membership in Dr. Ita Wegman Rhythmical Massage Professional Organization (Issued 2011)



Certification and Approval of Rhythmical Massage technique by Goetheanum School of Spiritual Science, Dornach, Switzerland. (Issued in 1995)

Recognition of Authenticity of Rhythmical Massage technique, in German,  by Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland (Issued in 1995).
[Translation of Above:]

Rhythmical massage, which was developed by Dr. Ita Wegman and Dr. Margarethe Hauschka,
has proven to be an effective massage approach, on an outpatient, as well as an inpatient basis,
and is an integral element of the guiding principles of anthroposophical therapy
since its founding in 1921.

Chair of the Medical Section of
 the School of Spiritual Science

[Hand Signed]
Dr. Michaela Gloeckler, MD

[Officially Sealed]

Dornach, 8. December 1995


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