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About Rhythmical Massage Therapist

Here is a little information about Certified Rhythmical Massage Therapist


Rhythmical Massage Therapy is beneficial in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions.
It is appropriate for children, adults and the elderly.



Some areas that have historically responded well to Rhythmical Massage are:

  •      Sluggishness

  •      Osteoarthritis

  •      Migraine

  •      Post Viral Fatigue

  •      Post operative

  •      Fatigue

  •      Shock and trauma

  •      Convalescence

  •      Back problems

  •      Depression

  •      Asthma

  •      Bronchitis

  •      Rheumatoid arthritis

  •      Allergies

  •      Weak Immune System

  •      Indigestion

  •      Constipation

  •      Menstrual problems

  •      Anxiety

  •      Orthopedic conditions

  •      Insomnia

  •      Circulatory disturbances

  •      Respiratory conditions

  •      Immune deficiencies

  •      Pain management

  •      Neurological disorders

  •      Bedwetting

  •      Pregnancy and Childbirth

  •      Mental handicaps

  •      Muscle strains, sprains, tensions

  •      Psychological conditions

  •      Care of the dying

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303 632-7878
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14511 E. Gunnison Pl., Aurora, CO 80012
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